STEP-LOGOHas aspired to keep the customer satisfaction at maximum level and adapted the Quality Management System  ISO 9001 (QMS) as the managing system in the direction to this objective.

STEP/Dormaksan,  has and the corporal resource enabling the planning the use of human source, machine,material, and all sorts of the values in the most productive way and laboratory complex, test units and equipment and the first and the broadest laboratory sevices portfolio in Turkey which is even in ahead of the present legal regulations and standards.

“Quality” in the policy of the STEP/Dormaksan is described as to provide the customer satisfaction suitable to the requested features. Thus, STEP/Dormaksan aims to deliver the product and service they release to the market in the most economical way and in time to realize the quality.

The policy of the STEP/Dormaksan in the Quality Management System is to realize the production, purchasing and sales of the materials, accessories, apparatus, electronic systems, pressures ar tubes, all sorts of tanks and depots related to the alternative fuel systems for all sorts of sea, air, land vehicles, housing industry organizations; carry out their activities in their export, import, engineering, counseling and technical servicing areas using the modern equipment based on the related legal regulations as well as the ECE R 67 01 and TS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and realize the production related to these activities.

STEP/Dormaksan exports most of their production to mainly, European, Asian and Australia and other countries of the World . 

STEP/Dormaksan has been a Company not only using the technology but also understands and develops constantly since the day it was established and taken place among a dynamic process renewing themselves and will continue their activities to let them new horizons in  the LPG sector.