About us

D&B South Trade is an authorized distributor and partner in Romania of LPGTECH, ALEX, VALTEK, OMB, FARO, STEP/Dormaksan, Flashlube and Certools brands for auto LPG insallations who ensures complete appreciated LPG solutions in Europe and all worldwide.

D&B South Trade sustain values ​​like caring and respect for the environment, for economic and clean fuel, systems and secure solutions, with an optimum quality / price. LPG auto components distributed are designed and manufactured by our partners carefully selected in order to safety and perfect adaptation to the vehicle without any change in its original designing.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide to our customers high quality products and ensuring their financial needed comfort. Through our created partnership we ensure trust, respect and professionalism by:

·Environment protection!

·Safety in driving!


Green car